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The Vision Condominium Condo for sale

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Condo for sale

1,790,000 THB

Location: Pratumnak Pattaya



Size: sqm

Furnished: Unfurnish

Completion: September 2014

High class life style

This state of the art condominium building, with roof top pool, restaurant bar and fully equipped gym and underground parking, where comfort and luxury meets an active life-style, is the ideal home, second home, vacation or retirement getaway. It will be built for all the families, couples and singles that are used to and expect to lead a high class life style in tropical sunny Pattaya. This opportunity offers itself also for re-sale or buy-for-let, as anybody that enters this condominium will love to stay, which guarantees a high occupancy rate.

On top of Pratmnak Hill

Rising high on top of the Pratumnak Hill The Vision dominates Pattayas’ sky-line with its shiny aluminum, glass framework. The magnificent sea and city view will stay unhindered in the future, protected by the nature park next door and will generate an agreeable yearly value grow.

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